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Specialty Hats

A wide range of specialty hats available, Chauffeur Hats, Nautical Hats, 8-Point Hats, Pilot Hats, Garrison Hats, Leather Hats, Ladies Hats, Berets, Pillbox Hats and Ball Caps.

• Specifications
• Peaks, style may vary – shiny, cloth
• Fabric, mesh, buttons, cap straps and bands




Chauffeurs - #210
Soft, Navy Blue or Black Serge Top or customers supplied material. Removable cloth band over a ventilated Mesh band, black shiny peak, black strap, Black buttons

Chauffeurs - Covered Peak - #210
Similar to regular #210 with the exception of a cloth Covered peak and a black twisted
cap cord



Nautical Cap - #210
White Poplin Top, Black ventilated Mesh Black Mohair Slip band, round shiny peak, Gilt Anchor Buttons, single black strap (Merchant Marine badge optional)

Yachting Cap - #210R (without badge)
Navy Blue Melton Top, Solid Band with Black Maple Leaf Slip band, round shiny peak,
Plain black buttons and black twisted cap cord (*white removable cotton top is also
available for this hat)


8 Point

8-Point Hat - #197
Black tropical (no foam), Black Leather ventilated Mesh, Cloth Slip Band, Black Plain buttons, Black strap




Airline Pilot Hats - #301
Soft, Navy Blue or Black Serge Ventilated Mesh band, Black Braid Band Round cloth covered peak, c/w various embroidered peaks, plain gilt buttons, Cloth strap with loops


Garrison Cap
RCMP Style
Leather Caps - Plain
Black genuine leather cap, Solid black shiny peak, Black plastic strap, Plain black buttons

Leather Caps - Silver Mylar

Black genuine leather cap, Solid black shiny peak with silver mylar on edge, Black plastic strap, Plain black buttons

• Silver metal expansion strap
• Silver plain buttons
Ladies Cap - #101
Soft, Navy Blue Serge Top laminated to foam Mohair braid band
*Also available with special Ventilated Mesh Band.



Dark Navy Military Berets with stay




Pill Box Hats
*Special Spec’s



Ball Cap

Ball Caps
Cotton, 6 Panel, Cloth back strap with bronze coloured buckle


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